The first episode will be available this Friday on the website, Spotify, YouTube and Ivoox

There will be five episodes in the first season, released every two weeks with guests such as journalist Iñaki López and Arde Bogotá.

Azkena Rock Festival is the quintessential rock and roll festival and its 22 year history confirms this. So many concerts enjoyed, so many experiences had, so many people who have joined us along the way; it would be impossible to squeeze everything that takes place at the festival into Mendizabala park itself, and we are excited to share this love of music on The Azkena podcast. It’s here where, with the help of the best guests, we will talk about our passion for rock and we will also review some of the best moments that have marked ARF’s history.

The programme will be hosted by the magnetic Clara Lobo, a long-time music journalist who in recent years has focussed her career on the world of concert production, gaining a dual perspective from outside and within the world of live music. Joining her in front of the microphone will be familiar faces from the music industry, renowned musicians and lovers of rock and Azkena, whom Clara will subject to very personal questions, always with a great sense of humour. Through her entertaining conversation, she will lead them to reveal fun anecdotes and information which is unknown to date.

The first episode of the ARF podcast will be released this Friday 26th January, with a new addition every fortnight which can be enjoyed both in video or audio format on the website, Spotify, YouTube and Ivoox

In this first season we will discover if the rest of the guests make it through the 30 minute conversation in which Clara Lobo puts journalist Iñaki López to the test, as well as members of Arde Bogotá, among others.

The guest in this inauguration episode will be Yahvé M. de la Cavada, the festival programmer. In this first episode Clara Lobo and Yahvé M. de la Cavada share interesting, unpublished details with us regarding the event which fans will absolutely love; they will also chat about rock music in general and in a big way. They will also be joined by journalist Amaia Santana, who will reveal some “declassified documents” about Azkena’s history. The ARF community will also have a place in this space in that they will be able to send in their questions for Clara Lobo to put to the guests, turning up the heat of the conversation and putting them in more than a few tight spots.

Releases every other Friday.
Available in audio and video on, Spotify and YouTube.
Available in audio on Spotify, Ivoox, Apple, Amazon and Podimo.