Azkena Rock Festival 2021

19, 20 & 21.06.2025 Vitoria~Gasteiz


Useful info



A space, a point, a place Seed, Sustainable, Safe, Social and full of purpose to go to at the Azkena Rock Festival to inform you about our commitment to environmental and social causes. You will find the following points at the BALORE space:

– MOREA Point, where you can get information about the prevention and reporting of harassment and sexist violence.

– RAINBOW Point, to inform you about the commitment of the Azkena Rock Festival with the LGTBIQ+ movement.

– GREEN Point, where you can get information about environmental measures of the festival.

– SOCIAL Point, where you can find out about our BCorp certification and the work we are doing to obtain the Erronka certification from Ihobe-Basque Government.


The 21st edition of the ARF Festival will once again have the Erronka Garbia-Sustainable Event certificate from Ihobe (Basque Government), which aims to raise awareness among all attendees and organizers of the importance of minimizing environmental impacts and caring for our environment.

The Festival based on the Erronka Garbia Methodology:

  • ACTS: identifying impacts and seeks alternatives for their reduction by implementing improvements in each new edition.
  • MEASURE: establishing indicators to evaluate all the festival’s consumption.
  • COMMUNICATES: involving and raising awareness among all stakeholders involved in the celebration of the festival (public, artists, work teams, suppliers, institutions,…).

Last Tour, organizer of the Azkena Rock Festival, is B Corp

B Corp is a global movement that evaluates and confirms the efforts that the promoter Last Tour makes to generate a positive social impact for society, people and the environment. The purpose is social transformation through culture and live music and since March 2023 Last Tour is BCorp.

ARF_BCorp_ES1-1 (1)

Some of the keys to its achievement have been:

  • The actions carried out in its festivals to reduce environmental impact through a strict waste reduction and recycling system, the promotion of sustainable mobility, as well as prevention and awareness programs against sexist aggressions and for gender equality.
  • Recruiting local teams.
  • Maximizing social and cultural impact by promoting open-access concerts.
  • Civic commitment and donations made from the festivals to projects supporting migrants, reforestation of forests or the Food Bank.
  • The initiative to support live music professionals during the pandemic.
  • The economic impact on the city of Vitoria.

Minimizing impact

Our glasses are the basis of the sustainability of Azkena Rock Festival. That precious object that you carry from the beginning to the end of the festival is the key, like an impeccable sound check. We have an arsenal of unique, cool and reusable cups that seek to cause minimal environmental impact and avoid mountains of plastic post-festival. ARF also has a treatment system for different types of waste, so that by separating them we can make the most of the resources.

In addition, ARF has the Erronka Garbia seal, a certificate approved by the Basque Government that recognizes that events such as the Azkena Rock Festival integrate environmental measures in the design and organization to minimize negative impacts on the environment.