On June 17th, the date when the festival would have been held, we will announce the 2022 line-up. 


The Azkena Rock Festival has been delayed again and is postponed to 2022. We honestly believed we would be able to see you all at Mendizabala. Although the situation is better than it was a year ago and the vaccination campaign is underway, due to health restrictions we are unable to hold the Azkena Rock Festival. The freaking coronavirus holds us back from embracing one another as we reunite with the Azkena gang, or sharing, shoulder to shoulder, the front row of the main stage, or filling La Virgen Blanca square, and even more, of being half a meter away from the band in the Trashville tarp, feeling the pulse of live music in its purest form. 


We miss you. Thank you for your support, year after year. We feel the love and it is helping us prepare the 2022 edition. You’ve expressed it in many ways. Rock is all about rituals, each band has its own before going on stage, and for those of us at ARF no ritual is more magical then when we hear “open the gates!” on our walkies. This year we will be unable to do so, but we will share it with our people, the audience, by announcing on June 17th, the day we would have seen you entering Mendizabala, the bands that will join us in 2022. On that day we will begin refunding the tickets to those of you who, for whatever reason, wish to have your ticket refunded. The tickets are still valid for 2022. 


You know how hard this is for our industry. No one is more eager than we are to enjoy a festival again. The crew that makes festivals happen (self-employed persons): runners, hospitality, technicians, transport, production, stage managers, everyone has been reinventing themselves for the last year to stay afloat and are hoping to go back to work like normal. We know you understand that postponing the festival yet again is not what we would like to happen, but we understand that everybody’s health comes first. It is all we can do to continue asserting, “Long live rock n’ roll!” We hope you are dealing with this unprecedented time in the best way possible. We give you our love, above all, those of you who have lost loved ones. We wish to remember those with whom we have shared so many editions of ARF who will no longer be joining us. You will always have a place in our heart.


There is light at the end of all this. We are starting to enjoy live music safely by limiting capacity. Seeing one another at a big festival is just around the corner… Until then, take care! We love you!!