For yet another year running we offer the possibility to enjoy a camping atmosphere while sleeping with the same commodities as a hotel. The Glamping Company is an initiative born after the well-known experiences in the UK; they offer high range services that combine camping with comfort, at any type of event. Enjoy the camping area without having to pack and set up a tent. For the price a plane charges you for your case you can enjoy coming to the festival and finding your tent set up for you! Travel with hand luggage like a proper gentleman.

*To access the Glamping area you need to buy tickets for the normal camping area first. Buy it here!

Bell Tent


Ready-pitched “Bell Tents”. English colonial style (4 to 5 metres diameter). For 1 to 4 people during full stay at the festival.

Provided with:

  • Buffet breakfast service, includes fruit, coffee, milk, juices, buns and pastries, everyday until 12h.
  • Double layered, self-inflating mattress 
  • Sheets
  • Duvets
  • Duvet covers
  • Side tables
  • Artificial grass carpet
  • LED lights with batteries
  • Lock
  • Cleaning services for the outside Glamping area
  • Hotel reception 24/7
  • Private common area for Glamping users
  • Welcome cocktail

Easy Tents


Easy-pitched tent for 2 to 4 people, to enjoy during your stay at the festival. Forget about packing and carrying around a heavy tent.

Provided with:

  • One yoga type mat per person
  • Security lock
  • Led lamp with batteries
  • Cleaning services for common outside area 
  • Extra security